PCC/MCC panels are made up of 14/16 SWG CRCA material semi bolted structure firmly supported. Ensures desired breaking capacities, temperature rise & IP protection. Enough Space for incoming & outgoing Cable termination. Outgoing terminals are stud type as standard practice. All starters are Type Two Co-ordinated. CT terminals, Cable Alley Illumination Lamp, Space Heaters with Thermostats are standard features of our Panel boards.

MCC/PCC/ DB Specification :
CONSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES : The Design of the PCC/MCC panel is robust and rigidly constructed to suit a wide range of industries and buildings. The supporting structures which form the framework are made up from 2.0 mm thickness steel sections, fully pressed and punched by CNC machines. The door covers, partitions and panel parts are fabricated with CNC machines for high precision and accuracy. Base degree of protection is IP42. Higher degree of protection like IP54 or more can be manufactured on request. Samcon switchboards can be supplied both with top and or bottom entry.

Samcon pays great attention to the standard of workmanship and finishes. To ensure high quality finishing, all metal parts undergo thorough chemical treatment for anti-rust and epoxy powder adhesion. As standard, epoxy powder coating of 70 micron is applied evenly on all metal surface and oven baked at an average temperature of 150°C.

Non-insulated or insulated high conductivity copper/Aluminum busbars with neutral are housed at the top section of the cubicle. The main busbars are mounted and supported on SMC busbar supports. The busbar chamber is housed in a separate compartment on top of the cubicle with facilities for segregation. Maximum temperature rise is less than 70°C on an ambient of 40°C.

Samcon switchboard can be provided with partitions for protected spaces according to Form 1 to Form 4. The form of separation according to the latest IEC60439-1:1999 offers an internal protection of minimum IP2X or more.

The entire wiring is done with high grade bright copper annealed standard PVC or FRLS or HR FR insulated flexible wires. Control wiring is carried with minimum 1.5 sqmm Gray wire & CT wiring is done with 2.5 sqmm Gray wires. DC wiring is done with 2.5 / 1.5 sqmm white wire. All doors are earthed with the help of 1.5 sqmm yellow green wire.. Electronic Card signal wiring is done with 1 sqmm Shielded wire.

Cable Chamber :
Cable Chamber of adequate size is provided on the side of Each Vertical with sufficient no of Cable Tie bars. Each Terminal block is provided with the identification markers & feeder designation sticker. Control & Power TB’s are separated from each other. Each Cable Chamber is provided with panel illumination CFL lamp with door switch & heater & Thermostats are provided optionally.

Component Identification :
All the base plates are neatly mounted with necessary electrical components to ease the wire routings & wherever necessary PVC Trufs are provided. The component Identification stickers are provided both on the components & base plates.


  • General Arrangement
  • Single Line Diagram
  • Bill Of Material
  • General Notes
  • Control Circuits


  • Dimensional Check
  • Bill of Material Verification
  • Functional Checks
  • Relay Function Test( On case to Case basis)
  • Insulation resistance test
  • High Voltage Test 2.5. KV for 1 minute